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Packaging lounge and living room

Living rooms and lounges require more effort in the package than the kitchen or bedroom because of the presence of electronics and fragile items such as arts, vases, DVD-ROMs and books. Using this guide you can find out how to organize your packing items in the living room more effectively.


Packing togetherBefore you start packing it is good to sort the items and decide what you need to take with you, and what can be sold or what you can get rid of. However if you have a dilemma and are not sure whether some stuff can be useful in the future or not, so you don’t want to throw it away, you can always move some things into the storage. Most of Croydon removal companies offer storage services so you shouldn’t have any problem with storing unnecessary things. However if you need service just for part load removals and decide to hire Croydon man and van firm, you will you'll probably have to look for self storage solutions separately as man and van it mostly only transport service.


Start from packing cornices, curtains and decorations on the walls. Remove all pictures, mirrors, curtains and curtain rods. Gently fold the curtains in the box. To pack the paintings and precious objects of art we recommend to use the services of professional packers or to consult it with removal company supervisor responsible for your house removals.

Next you can start packing lamps, gift items and books. If you want to avoid worries about the safety of fragile items, you should pack such stuff separately. Use plenty of packing materials (packing paper, bubble wrap film, foam) to protect the items during transit. Books should be tightly packed in the box . Try not to use large boxes for this purpose, as the books are very heavy. Expensive gift or antique books should be individually wrapped in packing paper before packing.

Careful packing is mandatory for all types of electronics. If you still have the instruction manual, learn the rules of packaging and shipping of this item. And if you do not throw away the original box, you should use it – packing will be much easier. Speakers you can wrap in an antistatic bubble wrap. Then place them in boxes, filling the bottom of each box with loose fill chips. You should also fill any free spaces with packing peanuts, crumpled paper or newspapers. In order to protect the TV from damage during transport, it should be wrapped in a blanket. DVD, CD and video cassette can be packed in small boxes.

Man rolling up carpetLast thing you should do is packing your furniture and carpets.  Remove the glass door with cabinets, remove mirrors and glass shelves and pack it into the separate cardboard. If the doors and glass elements cannot be removed, it should be protected with tape and bubble wrap foil to provide maximum protection during transport. During packaging sofas, chairs and other upholstered furniture use plastic sheeting to prevent contamination. Make sure the pads are packaged separately. Roll up carpets, wrap them in foil and seal with tape.

This guide will help you to efficiently pack before the move. Good idea is to label boxes during the packing - it will save you some time during and after removals. If you doubt that you can do everything yourself, use the services of professional packers.

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