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Solutions for noisy neighbours

Problems with loud musicDealing with a noisy neighbour is a struggle with oneself. You force yourself to be nice because of course; you are neighbours living wall to wall. However, all you want to do is fight with them and tell them how much they are corrupting your peace, making you feel assaulted at your own home. Here are some tips about how you can handle a noisy Croydon neighbours after removals to new place, it may be very useful especially if you are moving with kids.

Act mature, talk

Talk about noise with neighboursThe wise thing to do is talk to them politely. Take a visit to your neighbours place and after a little nice chit chat tell them that you are uncomfortable with all the noise and how it is compromising your peace.   Make sure that the noise coming from your neighbourhood is not from a teenager;s room, because with teenagers you have to work in a more strategic way. If it is true, instead of talking to the parents talk to the child itself. The logic behind this is that teenagers repel the idea of somebody complaining about them to their parents. Call the teenager talk to him/her politely and request for little less noise. Tell the child you have a very important project to make or that somebody at your house is not feeling well. Be nice and friendly and it might help solve the problem.

Suggest some ideas

When struggling between staying good and comfortable at the same time, you have to think more strategically. It is understandable if you don;t want to make the relationship with your neighbours political. For most people it is very difficult to even say "kindly lessen the noise, it's disturbing" because they want to maintain a happy environment. So other than starting an awkward complaining situation, suggest a plan to them. If it's the music system suggest a soundproof wall idea and if it's the children, suggest some less noisy distraction. Chances are if your local Croydon neighbours are as nice as you they will simply catch the idea about your being uncomfortable with the noise, making efforts to reduce it.

Involve others

You probably won't be the only neighbour tired of all the noise. One of the best ways to embarrass and handle your noisy neighbours is to plan a meeting time with the rest of the neighbours in Croydon. Discuss the situation with the rest of the neighbours followed by a visit to the noisy household. The impact of this would be severe. A group of people complaining for the same thing can be quite embarrassing and alarming. Anybody who is decent would not want to be embarrassed again. There are high chances you won't be bothered with all that noise again.


Homer Simpson makes complainIf being decent and nice is not bringing you any peace it is now time to complain. You should be aware of your rights and as the law suggests your neighbours are not allowed to meddle with your comfort. Contact the building or area management. Report your query. This will probably result in a notice being sent to your neighbours as well as their landlords. Once the landlord receives a complaint letter about the neighbourhood complaints, he will himself take further steps to control the situation.  If your neighbours are not interested to move out they will surely cut down the noise.

Hopefully, at least one of the suggested ideas would work to solve your problem. Remember that having a noisy neighbour is a common problem; you should avoid stress when moving and after moving. Never be afraid to complain because your home is supposed to bring you comfort and peace and something you should never compromise about. 

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