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Moving with children

Family removalsMoving house may be stressful experience for children and they may have some problems with adapting to new situation. Kids usually do not understand the reasons for house removals from Croydon to another town and they may worry about the losses it can cause, like the loss of current school and friends or the loss of place where they were growing up. Below are some useful tips that can make it less stressful for them.

Before the relocation

You should start talking with your kids about upcoming removals immediately after making such decision. It cannot be done a few days before scheduled relocation. Children can adapt to such situation but it takes some time. (it may be more difficult if you are shipping from Croydon overseas). You need to talk to your child about the positive aspects of home removals. Tell him about the new school, new friends and ensure that the old friends will still be able to contact - whether by phone, or internet, or that they will still be able to meet each other from time to time. Do not be put off by this and do not get mad if your kid will not want to listen, calmly explain why the move is necessary. Try to use as many arguments as you can and answer all questions. Let the child (of course if possible) to design his new room the way he wants. Let him choose the color of the walls, wallpaper, furniture.

During the removals

Kids helpDuring the move, try to keep a good atmosphere and good humor. If you are stressed, your child will be as well. If your kids are old enough you can allow them to help with moving some light household stuff. In this way the whole process may be more like fun for them and they will not be bored.

All favorite toys should be packed at the end. If you have more than one child, it may be better to pack their belongings into separate bags. And the most important - do not forget about medicines and food for the children.

If you want you can always leave the kids with your family or friends at the time of removal.

Good time for removal

There are different opinions about best time for removal. Some people say that summer is the best option because you will reduce the stress resulting from interrupting the school year. Kids can also have more time to get familiar with new environment and it will be easier for them to adjust to the new school. From the other hand it may be better to schedule it for the midyear so children are able to meet new friends right away.

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