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Moving antiques Croydon

All of us have at home some treasures. I may be valuable work of art, paintings, sculptures and rare antiques that have for us especially sentimental value. Such works of arts, that are passed down from generation to generation, are well protected against damage. Therefore, when you moving house, they should be as well protected.

Antiques removal companies in Croydon

Antique furnitureEntrusting valuable works of art or antiques to any Croydon removals company , you can only rely on their experience. Therefore, in case of antiques moving, it is important to choose a good removal company. It is not recommended to use random Croydon man with van services . It is worth to find moving firm that specializes in the antiques transport with the possibility of storing them. Before choosing a moving company, make sure that they will make best efforts to pack, transport and unpack your valuables. A professional company employs antiques and art specialists and usually offer free moving survey during which company’s representative shall prepare a list of valuable things and take care of all aspects of safety during the upcoming move. The advisor should be able to answer every question on the transport of antiques.

Packing antiques and fine art

Box for paintingsWhen he take care of the packing antiques do it very carefully and do not rush. The use of protective materials can include plastic bags, polystyrene fillers and special sawdust for the transport of works of art. By packing on your own you can save some money but sometimes it is worth to spend a few pennies more, and hire professionals for packing and unpacking valuable works of art. Experience the moving company can be invaluable and greatly shorten the time of your move. It is also worth to additionally insure all the works of art and antiques before moving.

Get professional packing materials for moving antiques, such as:

  • cardboard boxes of various sizes,
  • tape,
  • bubble wrap,
  • foam peanuts,
  • wrapping paper,

Pack all the items individually. For the best protection of  works of art and antiques use packing paper and bubble wrap. Before antiques relocation remove all shelves, drawers, handles and other related parts.

Insurance of antiques relocation

It is important to have clearly defined in the contract what will cover the compensation. Whether the insurer will only cover repair expenses or the value of  your antiques. On the moving, you can take a photo of each antique or work of art, on which will be the date and time. This will provide proof that before the move, an item was in good condition. In the new location check each item carefully. As soon as you notice any damage write complaint letter to movign company or  call them and report it.

By signing a contract with a moving company you agree to all provisions contained therein. So do not sign anything without carefully reading the contents. Take the contract home and read it carefully. Pay attention to the issues related to insurance and compensation as a result of any damage or theft of antiques.

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