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How to load removals truck

Loading boxes into vanThis might seem a simple concept but in reality it is very far from. The packing of a removals van, or lorry, should be considered an art. And as long as it is done well, there should be no nasty surprises waiting for you at the other end; like ripped furniture covers or smashed mirrors. It really is worth taking the time to pack properly. Avoid the temptation to pack loosely and do multiple trips. The chances of damage to your property are infinitely higher if you take this lazy way out. Following important tips can guarantee safety during removals

Van hire in Croydon

The first thing to do is to search Croydon van hire firm and search for suitable removal vehicle with care. It should have wall bars, a tailboard (NOT a lift) and a Luton body. This is the van with a bit over the cab for the uninitiated. There should be a minimum of 7ft internal height and it should be rated for 7.5 tonnes. These are your minimum requirements but you can easily find van rental services in Croydon area having such vehicles. You should also have plenty of old blankets and cardboard, flat ties and/or soft ropes. The basic principle behind packing this removal van is to ensure that nothing moves. Everything should be packed tightly and tied in.

Things to be loaded first to the truck

Couple loading vanWhen thinking about Croydon house removals service, you will probably start with packing lounge stuff, so the first thing to be loaded is always the sofa. This, plus its cushions, should be wrapped in a blanket and placed at the back of the vehicle. On the sofa put the TV and stereo, face down, and then put a layer of blanket over the top. After this, the chairs (in a typical three piece suite situation). Then if you are moving breakables, any pictures and small mirrors you should wrap it with blankets and place them alongside the sofa. And finally, hold it all in places with bags of ‘soft stuff’; bedding, clothes, toys, etc.

The next things to be loaded will be beds and wardrobes which should go against the sides of the van, and be secured in place with flat ties to the wall bars. For added protection consider fixing a blanket in place to prevent damage to the surfaces of the furniture. Then any mirrors, paintings or, can be placed in between the bed and the mattress. These should NEVER be placed flat, they should only ever travel on end.

Things to be loaded at the end

Logically now, all of the big items are in and the middle of the van is where the rest of the furniture has to go. Bear in mind at this point the need to pack carefully and securely. Any empty drawers of wardrobes, beds or chests of drawers should be filled with small items and then taped securely in place. Don’t forget the convenience of having arms on chairs – this will give additional security to anything travelling on the chair itself. Have as many bags of soft stuff as possible, these will be invaluable in terms of providing protection for valuable items. There may be items which you will need to make special provision for, for example a piano. These can be incredibly difficult to lift and load and quite often need a special procedure of their own. Appliances such as white goods should always go over, or behind, the back wheels. And the most important thing to bear in mind is that the weight load should be distributed evenly across the van.

By following these simple tips you will dramatically increase your chances of your worldly goods travelling safely to their new location from Croydon.

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