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Labeling the boxes

Labeling can be very usefulAfter you’re done with all the emotional and serious issues about moving into new house, the next big task ahead of you that can make you serious is packing your stuffs. The most general method of packing your things is to put them into boxes. You can’t certainly be seeking for a large box where you can put off all your stuffs, which just doesn’t seem possible, although it would be a good idea considering how confusing it can get when it comes to small boxes.  Multiple boxes bring out another complicated process: Labeling the boxes. Labeling the boxes can get quite complicated then it seems. If you miss a trick while labeling then the post-move time can be seriously difficult and confusing. You certainly wouldn’t want to be irritated by those smaller issues. There can be several issues, first of all you might not know where to start the unpacking, and you might not even find what you are looking for.  We’ve all seen labels such as fragile or books etc. these labels might help you but might also create confusion. If you have the correct system of labeling and have thought upon an organized manner, then your removals process can be quite smooth and you certainly can avoid being disturbed by such small issues and look forward to the bigger change.      

Color labeling

One of the most efficient and good ways of labeling boxes is: Color labeling. If you have rooms with different colors then all you have to do is write the color of the room in the box and pile all the stuffs needed for the room in the box. This way you can easily drop off the box in your desired room, start unpacking and start arranging things as they were supposed to be. You can use a colored marker or a colored tape for labeling. You can even write the name of the color in front of the door so that your mover can easily recognize the room. For example you can choose a green color for kitchen, put all your kitchen accessories in one box and label it green and you can do the same in the kitchen door of your new home so that the Croydon man and van team will put it correctly.  

Labeling room by room

Labeling boxes using markersRoom by room labeling is another better method of labeling. You can simply write the name of the room, for example kitchen, bathroom in the box with a marker and your mover can drop off the boxes at their respective rooms. The problem with this can be seen while labeling the bedrooms. Certainly writing room’s numbers can get confusing for whoever is moving them. Writing things such as upper-bedroom, lower bedroom can also get confusing. One thing you can do with it is write a number of the room in the box and do the same in the respective doors of your new home, that way you mover or you can easily drop off the box according to the number pattern.  You can also write, boxno.1 : Kitchen, boxno.2:bedroom, etc, if you follow this method then locating the rooms plus getting the knowledge whether all your stuffs have reached can get easier.

Other labels

Box with fragile stuffYou can put all your necessary stuffs that you will require immediately after moving in on one of the boxes and take other things slowly as the day progresses if you are not in a hurry. Other customary ideas such as labeling ‘FRAGILE’ might also are helpful for packing breakables stuffs or when you are moving antique furniture. This will certainly help your delicate belongings reach out safely.

There are many ways you can do it and the best way seems to be labeling room by room. Of course you can think up other ideas too, but the core thing is to not get confused and not let the smaller issues disturb the larger things in life.

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