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Croydon office moving tips

Moving heavy boxesMoving office is a challenge both for the owners and employees. Choosing the right timing and good Croydon removals company, inform customers about the change of address, adaptation of new space to the needs of the enterprise, storage of documents and equipment - these are just some of the tasks to be accomplished. Changing the place of business requires extensive planning step by step all the activities - from selecting a company that will transport furniture and IT equipment, the notification of changes of addresses in banks or institutions, or informing about upcoming changes your business partners and customers.

At the beginning let's choose the right moving company and arrange the planned date of the project. This may be a non-working day (eg weekend). You can also try to arrange moving survey to calculate total volume of your commercial move. You should designate a person responsible for the removal and supervision of the company performing the service. By good organization you can make sure that each employee will be responsible for a specific task (eg, package your important documents, office supplies etc..) during removals. Proper planning and organization will allow you to move without stress.

Change of office address

So far, we moved our office around several times and each time one of the most difficult issues was to inform our clients and customers about the change of address - says John, manager of one of the company in Croydon. Change of address can be costly. Firstly you need to order a new advertising and promotional materials, stamps from graphic design company. Mailing sent to customers and partners is the smallest problem and free. Early enough should inform about new company's headquarters in all postal correspondence. Each invoice with an incorrect address will require correction.

New office headquarters

Disputes problem is also adapting the new headquarters to your needs, so the proper wiring of the premises and the placement of all items carried over from the old office. Moving is also an ideal opportunity to segregate corporate stuff and get rid of unnecessary equipment, but this is not always possible.

In preparation for moving in a hurry, you can bypass a lot of important issues. Better not to destroy old documents that may be needed yet. All company items must be adequately protected against damage and - if in a new place, not everything is ready yet - look for a suitable place where they can be stored until the completion of work at the new location.

Office storage in Croydon

Storage boxesMoving office is one of the major reasons why small and medium-sized enterprises decide to hire self-service type of self storage in Croydon area. It often happens that although the new office is located in a prestigious place, turns out to be unsuitable for them in terms of logistics - says Mike Smith from Croydon Self Storage Office.

Croydon companies that decide to move offices, the most common use self-service short-term rental of rooms with an average size for storing in them primarily office furniture, documents and goods intended for sale. Most often companies outsource the entire project to the moving company, so packing and transporting items to a self-service store, and then to a new place of business  it is the responsibility of the hired transport company. Many companies continue to hire self-cells after the move. It is not only part of their plan of moving, but also a form of space management in the new office.

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